Stayin’ Quaint…

For me, I stay chic.

Classy, modern, vintage. That’s my fashion in 3 words.

Hem hem. Lovely. Ta da! One word. See, Q & L will be giving tips on soooo many different things….from how to bake bread, to how to post on WordPress, and, not to mention, cute ideas to spark the spark in sparkle. (Haha. That was clever.)

Now…to stay quaint.

quaint |kwānt|


attractively unusual or old-fashioned: quaint country cottages | a quaint old custom.

Okay. We are not talkin’ little quaint cottages. We are talkin’ style. Not real estate. Well, more than style.

QUAINT is more or less simple, yet vintage, one of today’s styles, if you noticed.

Soon, you will be seeing more posts showing off the quaint in the author, her guest authors, and this blog in general!


What do you have to share?

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