Let’s Get Blogging: Q&L Tuesday Blog Post

Hello, readers.

Welcome to the first official blog- actual blog post by Quaint and Lovely @quaintandlovely.

This is not photography, but a document written by me, the main author and administrator @quaintandlovely.


Today we are beginning to sprout a little bit more, get more likes, but we need more follows! Shout outs go to the next followers of this week! Thank you! I imposed this on my former blog, but need to do it to this one as well!

Feeling ready to read?

Okay, I am going to start what my mom calls a

“Brain Dump”

What I need to get done, and these ideas are going to be helpful for you, too!

  1. Begin journal writing everyday. Whether this is blog post ideas, poetry, stories, thoughts, at least write a paragraph to 2 a day. This can help you let out whatever is on your mind. This is one thing I am going to start doing.
  2. I have said this before, but bring your camera outside, on trips, wherever you think will be best for those posed or candid shots.

I thought I had a lot more to dump!!

Next up……quotes!

Quote what you write, find great quotes by great people. Make up your own quotes. Quote. End quote. 🙂

That’s all I can think of for now, but I will probably get a wave of words soon. Like. Follow. Stay lovely. Keep quaint.

Keep quaint, stay lovely. That’s the basics.

Click and snap, cook and bake. Rules apply.

Vintage chic. That’s the style.

Smile and wave. Protocol for famousness.

Basics here at Quaint and Lovely.


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