A Royal Tea Party

Happy Friday. Who doesn’t love tea?

So, last Sunday it was my mom’s birthday and we held a tea party! We did some research.

What we did:

You need: 

A tea set, white table cloth, cookies, crackers, salami, cheese, sandwiches, candy, TEA :), and a bunch of other stuff.

And a birthday girl.



Here’s how we set it up for the first course. Candy: Werther’s Original, Reisen European Chocolate. Oh no. I’m just now remembering I only took a few pictures. Ugh!  :O



Table setting– there’s the Werther’s!! 😛


Ooh, the color is magnificent. The birthday crown ^^👑🎂


Front view of the crown.


One of the tea cups. Remember, the tea can be any flavor. We got a Celestial Seasonings sampler. (comes with 18 bags)☕️ wait…that’s coffee<—


The sugar bowl..I put “The Royal Tea Pot” on my last post. Oops.🍬


Mm, Werther’s. 🍫🍭🍬

Have your own tea party! Simple!



-:) Author | Q&L Admin


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