Summer Approaching/Updates

Happy Monday, readers! Today on the blog…

  • Monday Update
  • New Pix!!

OK! Let’s get to blogging!

First up…

Monday Update!

Summer is really approaching, so we are prepping for that…including….wait, you’ll just have to wait for our summer post!! We are beginning to pack some books and photo albums for the big move!! ( 😀 | 😛 ) exciting!!! Also…my big dance tour is coming up, and so is my birthday so I am super, super excited for that! Hmm…anything else? Oh, yes! I have been trying to journal everyday, and it is going ok. I did it better last week, but need to pull my journaling notebook out again! I have also been having eos ( always by my side…I cannot live without it! Literally! Just got the blueberry acai! I also have… passion fruit, sweet mint, and summer fruit! But I am basically out of the last 2….lol! So…hang in there, it’s Monday!! 😛

New Pix!

#1: watch! Took this while swimming @saturday!

#2: hair! 2 dutch (inverted) braids into a bun #easypeasy!


Summer fun!


  • Swimming
  • Water guns
  • A/C | get some box fans..

More to come!

Have an amazing dAY!! 😛

isabella @ q/l



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