It’s OK to not be OK

It’s OK to not be OK from Isabella Raquel on Vimeo.


You may be going thru a tough spot of your day, week, month, year, whatever.  Just know that it wont last forever and you have Him in control! ❤ ❤ When I was drawing this I thought of that song by Plumb: where she says “its ok to not be ok” and that’s where I got my inspirations!!




Back To School

Hello everyone! So! Here I am, 15 days after my last blog post. #life

I am so excited to be back in school, after a great summer. I feel so ready for my last year of homeschool, but it is definitely bitter sweet. (insert emoji here) I can’t wait to get into the school year! There are going to be some awesome posts this year, and I REALLY hope to be more serious about school and blogging. As some of you know, I already started blogging for 3 years now, this is my third. My blog was on Blogger, had a different name, and was totally different. I love WordPress…I find it better and more professional, so here I am!


Catch ya later!

Comment below what you are looking forward to this fall. 🙂



Goodbye, summer!

Well, I’m sorry. Summer is basically over…and I haven’t blogged for 2 months. So, to make up for it, I’m going to try to post a few pictures of what I’ve been up to….just so you can see! lol.

B&B Works! YAsss!
Fourth of July!


painting, 4th of July!!, flowers 😉