Hair Days

Hair Days from IsaRa on Vimeo.


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Summer Approaching/Updates

Happy Monday, readers! Today on the blog…

  • Monday Update
  • New Pix!!

OK! Let’s get to blogging!

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Weekly Update

Hi guys! Just a mid-week update for ya’ll.

So…summer is approaching…and there will be a big post soon all about that! I suggest you hit that follow button…and follow along with me!

Posts from this week:

And, hopefully there will be some more. 

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When this looks so good right now..

When Oreos, whipped cream, Hershey’s chocolate sauce, and Thrifty vanilla ice cream just look good…#tbt #wishihaditnow

But, hey, let’s take the time to do a quick cooking post!!

Obviously, this is simple..

You will need:

  • Chocolate Sauce (Hershey’s)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (Thrifty)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Oreos (Oreo)


  • Soften the ice cream just a bit
  • Scoop your ice cream into a ramekin
  • IF YOU WANT, crumble an oreo or two, hold onto it
  • Spray whipped cream onto ice cream..and sprinkle the crumbled oreos on top.
  • Squirt that chocolate sauce on!! Enjoy!!

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Inverted Crown Braid


Hello, everyone! Today we have a hair post for ya!

I decided to try a new style yesterday, a crown braid! Well, the tutorial I used showed an inverted braid which I had no  idea how to do! So, I googled it. 🙂 ❤

So how you do an inverted braid! Grab three strands of hair! You should have LEFT, MIDDLE, and RIGHT. Now. Place the RIGHT piece of hair underneath the MIDDLE. Good. Now place the LEFT under the MIDDLE. This is how the inverted braid works. For a normal braid, you place hair over the middle, not under. Continue placing the RIGHT under MIDDLE, LEFT under MIDDLE. When you feel ready, begin doing the same, but french braiding it. Am I confusing you? 😛 Check out this link, it’s how I learned.

OK! Now! Here’s how we are going to braid and crown! The model had medium length hair, so the tutorial I had was not going to work (it was meant for long hair). So I used some improv for hair. I simply did 2 french inverted braids for step 1. 


One of 2 French Inverted Braids

Now comes the tricky-ish part. We need to cross the braids creating a crown..

❤ #crossyourfingers

Take the right braid and place it next to the top of the left braid. Using bobby pins, pin it next to/underneath the left braid (top of braid). Remove the ponytail from the right braid. Repeat on the left braid. It should look like this picture below.


Finished! you are done! Add a bow for some snazz if you like, but if not, you’re done!


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New Photos, New Post

Hi everyone, and if you’re new, welcome to Quaint and Lovely. Hope you’re having a great day, and if not, hope you are encouraged by this post.

Oh, look! I forgot to post this pic a while here it is.


Yup, be free and as light as feathers. That’s right…drop your worries and do something that can make you happy. Read this post. Do whatever you need to be happy, glad, grateful

Wow! I feel like I took these pics a while ago, but here I am barely posting them!

1: Yosemite!

2: A bridge on our bike ride

3: The middle of a creek

Thought those would be fun to share.


Oh, there’s this one, too. ^DSC04972.JPG

I love this bracelet^ and especially this emoji. Thanks trevino8677!😜😜😜😜

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