I GOT MY CAMERA!? Yay or Nay?

I love this .gif! So cute. So anyway!! Please keep reading…

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Friday News

Hello readers!

I have been very busy with everything–yet a lot of pictures taken!!

  • I did some pictures of Wendy, they turned out great.
  • A tea party picture shoot!
  • Food!

Picture one: Royal Birthday Tea Party at your house: Post coming soon

Picture 2: The Tea Cup of Honor 😀

Picture 3: The Royal Tea Pot 😛

Picture 4: Because everyone LOVES Werther’s 🙂

Picture 5: The Royal Crown Side View (Y)

Picture 6: The setting B)

Picture 7: From the side ;P

Picture 8: Oh! There’s Wendy!! ❤

Picture 9: The bridge @ SAC

Picture 10: The bridge @ SAC

Picture 11: A cool pyramid!!

Picture 12 & 13: Bridge/sideview

Picture 14: YOLO!!

Picture 15: “Get Beyond Gate”

Picture 16: Converse! 🙂


There’s an update for ya!!