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Happy Thursday!

The weekend is slowly approaching! Be happy!

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Fotor: a photo service (create collages, designs, edits, etc.)

I’m a new user.^ But I ❤ it, so far. I need it to make a collage for school….but I made this yesterday.

post And this.qllogo.jpg

I’m loving it.

Makin’ a snazzy design:

You need: Cute fonts. Cute stickers. A cute background.

And Google drawings. Or Fotor. Or some other thing.

  1. Find your pic. It can be something that your words show up on.
  2. Put it on your canvas.
  3. Find a font that has a nice style, and that is bold enough to be seen.
  4. Find a quote or a statement. It can be “Hi” or “Something Wise”
  5.  Type it! Add stickers. Be creative.


Busy week, obviously, I mean it’s


but somehow here I am posting. 😛

🙂  I was looking back at all the posted pics I took and this looks….amazing.


Cotton Candy Ice cream. Yes. It is Throwback Thursday 😀


Did you ever see anyone so cute :P?? #WendyGirl She loves making that chippy face. 😀

Have a great day. Do something good.


Friday News

Hello readers!

I have been very busy with everything–yet a lot of pictures taken!!

  • I did some pictures of Wendy, they turned out great.
  • A tea party picture shoot!
  • Food!

Picture one: Royal Birthday Tea Party at your house: Post coming soon

Picture 2: The Tea Cup of Honor 😀

Picture 3: The Royal Tea Pot 😛

Picture 4: Because everyone LOVES Werther’s 🙂

Picture 5: The Royal Crown Side View (Y)

Picture 6: The setting B)

Picture 7: From the side ;P

Picture 8: Oh! There’s Wendy!! ❤

Picture 9: The bridge @ SAC

Picture 10: The bridge @ SAC

Picture 11: A cool pyramid!!

Picture 12 & 13: Bridge/sideview

Picture 14: YOLO!!

Picture 15: “Get Beyond Gate”

Picture 16: Converse! 🙂


There’s an update for ya!!

VPT: Finding your Focus


Finding your focus!

Part 2 of Vintage Photography Tips!

Finding your focus

Welcome to part 2 of VPT!

When you first have your camera, you might have taken or seen the first post in the series:

So your next step is to focus in on your image.

You might have seen this image in a previous post:


Look at the flower, and look at the background. the background it out of focus, but the yellow flower is in focus. Sometimes to capture the correct focus, you squeeze the shutter not enough to take the picture but for the lens to focus on the object you want to be the subject. Click the shutter, it takes some patience to get the right shot, but it’s worth it!!


Ahhh, Saturday

Hi readers,

Happy Saturday.


Hello…our photo decided to make itself blurry. Lovely. 😉

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