Weekly Update

Hi guys! Just a mid-week update for ya’ll.

So…summer is approaching…and there will be a big post soon all about that! I suggest you hit that follow button…and follow along with me!

Posts from this week:

And, hopefully there will be some more. 

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Christmas Eve Post

Hi, everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long, here is an all new Christmas Eve post!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Here are some things I will share:

  • Zoo Pictures
  • Fun Picture Edits
  • More!

Starting with Zoo Pictures….wait a while so I can upload them!

Remember, please contact me through comment before using any of my pictures, because I took them myself.



Picture Edits


By Me!

Using ColorStrokes

It’s Thursday Madness!


Thursday Madness begins w/ photography!


Fishing from a pontoon patio boat on the lake is awesome and a great place to take pix! Photo credit: me


Big trees….woh! Look how amazing and tall God’s logs are!! Awesome!! Photo credit: me


Perhaps a new Freebies page…..for followers only! Follow now and you will get freebies, shoutouts, and more awesome opportunities!

More coming soon,

Stay lovely, Keep quaint.