Reflections: School is Over

With ย summer vacation officially here, I decided it would be good to reflect on the school year.

Highlights and Memories

  • ย 2nd year of Williamsburg Academy Online School over
  • 2nd year of MS over
  • Started a blog 2 years ago (but moved on to a different one)

Things I am looking forward to:

  • Summer
  • Buying a new camera (hopefully)
  • Moving (a new experience for me)
  • Starting the new school year
  • Being a year older
  • & so many other things (!)

Comment down below with your reflections/things you are looking forward to!






Summer Approaching/Updates

Happy Monday, readers!ย Today on the blog…

  • Monday Update
  • New Pix!!

OK! Let’s get to blogging!

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