Weekly Update

Hi guys! Just a mid-week update for ya’ll.

So…summer is approaching…and there will be a big post soon all about that! I suggest you hit that follow button…and follow along with me!

Posts from this week:

And, hopefully there will be some more. 

Please share this blog with other bloggers…I would so appreciate getting the word out! I would like to be able to share my posts with as many people as possible…so please do pass it on! ❤ 😉 🙂 Thanks everyone! 😛 

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Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

This week’s updates:

-Getting used to the week’s flow

-Dance, of course

-Trying to blog more–yet get the semester started well

-What else?

For the blog:

What I hope to post. This does not mean it will happen within Friday. (:

-Get outside, get some pictures taken: I’m hoping to start a series of posts about photography…anyway

-Do some blog updates, make it look even better, even sharper, and easier for you, my readers, to access. Be sure to share with your friends!

– At least get my schoolwork done so I can try and post

How does this sound?


So, let me end this post so I can start some updates…see you around!

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Let’s Get Blogging: Q&L Tuesday Blog Post

Hello, readers.

Welcome to the first official blog- actual blog post by Quaint and Lovely @quaintandlovely.

This is not photography, but a document written by me, the main author and administrator @quaintandlovely.

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Hello, world. Weekly Update from Quaint and Lovely.


Your weekly update from @quaintandlovely

New posts from today:


Half Dome


Photography Moment: Flowers

Follower count:

2 not counting myself. Let’s get in the 20s!! My last blog was at 15, let’s get higher!

New photography post:

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Stay lovely. Keep quaint.

That’s Quaint and Lovely.