VPT: Finding your Focus


Finding your focus!

Part 2 of Vintage Photography Tips!

Finding your focus

Welcome to part 2 of VPT!

When you first have your camera, you might have taken or seen the first post in the series:


So your next step is to focus in on your image.

You might have seen this image in a previous post:


Look at the flower, and look at the background. the background it out of focus, but the yellow flower is in focus. Sometimes to capture the correct focus, you squeeze the shutter not enough to take the picture but for the lens to focus on the object you want to be the subject. Click the shutter, it takes some patience to get the right shot, but it’s worth it!!



Starting out Good: VPT

Starting out Good: VPT

Welcome to the first out of five posts for the new photography series


More about me and my photography: www.quaintandlovely.wordpress.com/about

Let’s start by checking out some photos that are pretty vintage style looking.

These pictures are all by me

Click and Snap, Q&L’s Photography page (http://www.quaintandlovely.wordpress.com/click)

Which ones are the most vintage looking?? I need your feedback–comment on the pictures with the tag #Vintage and #VPT so I know. Thanks!!

OK. So, starting out well.

The first thing you need to take a picture is obviously some sort of camera.

Phone, tablet, computer even, oatmeal box, Polaroid, or just a camera. 🙂

Now…. find a subject. Anything. Your best friend, your mom, your brother, your dog (if you are just starting out use something easy.)

It could even be a sign.


Hey, these turned out pretty good. ^^

So, start clicking away on that camera and choose your best photo. Share by commenting.

What are your best pictures? What can you do better? Look back on the photo page and see what techniques I used.

With this lesson in mind, start exploring the world of photography!



-The QL Photography Team