Back To School

Hello everyone! So! Here I am, 15 days after my last blog post. #life

I am so excited to be back in school, after a great summer. I feel so ready for my last year of homeschool, but it is definitely bitter sweet. (insert emoji here) I can’t wait to get into the school year! There are going to be some awesome posts this year, and I REALLY hope to be more serious about school and blogging. As some of you know, I already started blogging for 3 years now, this is my third. My blog was on Blogger, had a different name, and was totally different. I love WordPress…I find it better and more professional, so here I am!


Catch ya later!

Comment below what you are looking forward to this fall. ūüôā




It’s Thursday Madness!


Thursday Madness begins w/ photography!


Fishing from a pontoon patio boat on the lake is awesome and a great place to take pix! Photo credit: me


Big trees….woh! Look how amazing and tall God’s logs are!! Awesome!! Photo credit: me


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More coming soon,

Stay lovely, Keep quaint.

Let’s Get Blogging: Q&L Tuesday Blog Post

Hello, readers.

Welcome to the first official blog- actual blog post by Quaint and Lovely @quaintandlovely.

This is not photography, but a document written by me, the main author and administrator @quaintandlovely.

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Hello, world. Weekly Update from Quaint and Lovely.


Your weekly update from @quaintandlovely

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Half Dome


Photography Moment: Flowers

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2 not counting myself. Let’s get in the 20s!! My last blog was at 15, let’s get higher!

New photography post:

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Stay lovely. Keep quaint.

That’s Quaint and Lovely.

Photography Moment: Flowers

Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely day!

DSC02870 DSC02871DSC02873

I just went over my pictures from a few days ago, and remembered these! The vignette shows a great impact on these photos, and are great pictures, please do not use bc they are my pictures, and are not for use unless given permission. Thank you!

So, back to the pics.

This is focusing on the petals itself as well as each individual bud. This can remind us that we are all important, no matter how small!

Stay lovely, keep quaint.