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It’s been a while, and I basically stuck pictures on the last post I did. Sorry about that!

I mentioned that we visited the zoo, a wonderful experience. Read on to hear the zoo stories and to view the zoo pictures. This is literally my third time attempting to finish this post. Let’s hope I do.


Ahh, the zoo. A great place to be, to see animals, to see the landscapes, and to enjoy yourself.


First, let’s go through this beautiful gateway/archway, especially lit for Christmas. Well, you’re seeing this after Christmas, so I guess a New Year’s archway. 😊


Let’s walk along the pathway—look at this lantern! Very cool.


This waterfall was in the elephant’s “area”,the elephants weren’t something to photograph, they were facing opposite us….so all we would see is their rear. 🐘 🐘


Ok. This is like the CUTEST orangutan EVER. All it would do was make these sad, sad eyes at us. Hilarious, and really adorable. 🐵🐵


Sorry if some pictures are a bit blurry, animals are pretty hard to photograph.😳
Anyway, look at these amazingly pretty flamingos!! 😮💞


Again, this is a small bit blurry. Also because this tiger WOULD NOT STOP moving!!


Some cool lights….

DSC04012 DSC04015 DSC04017

We got to be 10 feet away from lions!! (there was glass at the end of the rock, though). It was amazing. The second picture was a statue. But the whole effect was cool.


The zoo just finished building their African Safari exhibit and it was truly amazing.

The animals had lots of room to run around.

We also got to feed giraffes, which was really fun. I will find those pictures for you soon….


The giraffes were very cute, and had quite the personality. I have more pictures that I have to upload and there is a whole other giraffe story about that….anyway.



Oh, here’s a picture of some of the Safari exhibit.

Pretty cool.



And the Jambo hut, I love the whole style.




Well, there is some of the zoo! I have a lot more pictures I have to upload, but that will take a while.


Thanks for being patient.


Have a great Tuesday!!



Christmas Eve Post

Hi, everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long, here is an all new Christmas Eve post!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Here are some things I will share:

  • Zoo Pictures
  • Fun Picture Edits
  • More!

Starting with Zoo Pictures….wait a while so I can upload them!

Remember, please contact me through comment before using any of my pictures, because I took them myself.



Picture Edits


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